Staging Your Home

De-clutter. Remember, less is more, the rooms will look larger and cleaner and have more potential.
Clean out cupboards and wardrobes to display ample storage.
Display your best linen, a new duvet may do wonders to your bedrooms.
Drapes may also need replacing, these can be sourced at a cost that is not expensive. But ultimately adds value to the end result.
Arrange furniture in a way that allows an easy flow for potential buyers to enter each room.
Fresh flowers can work wonders to brighten a room and give a fresh fragrance.
Clear cobwebs and cupboard clutter.
De-personalize and neutralize your home, you want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home
Pets can be distracting, take them away for the viewing and make sure your house does not smell like your pet!
Clean stove tops, ovens, range hoods, pantries, kitchen joinery and cupboards. 
If a coat of paint is needed to freshen the room this will ultimately help buyers see the room in a fresh frame of mind.
Bathrooms and toilets are also crucial pass or fail points. We all like to see ourselves living in a clean, well organised space. 
Display your best towels.
Make sure the windows and window sills are clean. A coat of paint on window sills can do wonders to your presentation.
Replace light bulbs to ensure a light, bright environment.
Introduce natural light by pulling up blinds and pulling back curtains.
First impressions are critical, pay attention to the approach to your home, mow lawns, weed and tidy edges.
Clean driveways, paths and rubbish bins.
Oil, stain or hose decking.
Clean out the garage and create a feeling of having a workspace.
Price to sell, resist the urge to overprice your home by large margins, this will keep buyers away. 
This is a difficult one as you are personally attached to your home and probably value it more than those looking to buy it from you.