The Selling Process


Seller completes valuation request form – see Contact us

Our staff will contact the seller and email a free market appraisal report, detailing properties recently sold in the suburb and estimating a pricing strategy for your home.


First you choose one of our Marketing options or contact one of our agents to send you a marketing proposal.

Should you choose to sell your home privately or with an agent's assistance we will send you a link to the listing form. Alternatively your agent will do this part for you.

Your selected Agent will arrange for some professional photos to be taken of your home. Alternatively you send us some quality pictures of your home.


On completion we will list your home on Property24 – SA’s No1 property portal (attracting 3.1 times more traffic than any other property portal) and also on our website.

We will also market your home on our social media platforms.

We will send you a link to the Property24 and our Olr-sa.com site to view your listing and ensure that we have recorded the property details correctly.

We will send you artwork to have your own unique “for Sale” sign made. This sign will have a QR code (like a bar code) that is unique to your home. The QR code will link buyers to the website listing where they can see all the property details.


Potential buyers will browse the property portals and view all the details and photos of properties that interest them. They will also be able to view your home and the neighbourhood on Google earth.

Depending on your marketing option we will attend to all enquiries is received, we will qualify and verify the potential buyer before sending you their contact details. Alternatively your selected agent will do all that before making an appointment for a viewing.


Your agent will then make an appointment to show your home to their client. Alternatively you then contact them to make an appointment at a time and day that suits you, to view your home. SeeShowing your home

When a buyer decides to make you an offer, our professional team will negotiate the best possible offer for you.


We will complete the online offer to purchase and send it out for signature

Once the final offer has been signed and accepted we will attend to any suspensive conditions – like obtaining a mortgage etc.

Once confirmed, we will collect all relative details for the transaction and send these to your transferring attorney, who will then attend to the transfer.

The above is an optional extra for the Private Selling option.


Your attorney will then complete all relevant documentation required by law to submit to the deeds office for registration.

Our legal team is available to assist.

Documents required will include - rates clearance - compliance certificates – electrical - gas - entomology certificates, bank cancellation figures and new bond confirmation for the buyer.