Buying Process

So you’ve found your new home?  Here are the next steps…


Our professional team will assist you to make and negotiate the best possible offer for you. You need to decide how you want purchase your home –

in your name, a partnership, company etc. we would recommend that you consult with your lawyer and/or accountant for advice.


Your offer may contain some special conditions like – subject to a mortgage being approved by your bank or subject to the successful registration of a property already sold.

You may also want to make an offer subject to the sale of your existing home, however this is not advisable as this will limit your negotiating options.


Make sure you read and understand the Offer to Purchase agreement before signing or consult your attorney for legal advice if you are unsure, as the Offer to Purchase is legally binding.

Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, the seller’s transferring attorney will be instructed to attend to the transfer.

You will then be required to pay your deposit as stipulated in your offer and action any other special conditions, like applying for your mortgage.

Once approved, your bank will send the transferring attorney the required guarantees.

The transferring attorney will now complete all the transfer documentation and have this signed by yourself and the seller.

The seller will be required to obtain a rates clearance certificate and various other compliance certificates, for example electrical certificate etc.

Once the sellers' obligations have been met, all documentation will be sent to the registrar of deeds for registration.

The seller will receive the balance of the proceeds on day of registration.


Occupation date

Occupational interest

Congratulations on the ownership of your new home. 

Your Consultant is only a phone call away should you need advice.